Model Form/Info

Model Form/Info

America’s #1 Model Industry Event !

Models Attend The Next Asianmodelpalooza™ Festival

Gets Tons Of Publicity, Make A Lot Of money And

Have Fun ! There Will Be Tons Of HUGE Media Outlets Here Scouting For Network TV Shows, Print Work, Music Video’s, Mainstream Motion Pictures, Posters, Calendars, TV, Magazines, Import Car Show Sites/Events, Spokesmodel Gigs And Many Many more. Expect To Get A Lot Of Industry Work From This Event,

Bring Your Business Cards ! At The Last AMP Event over 1,000 People Attended With 200+ Photographers Also Top Representatives From Motion Picture Studio’s, Cable Companies HBO,Showtime, Playboy And 25 more Media Outlets Were Scouting !

(Please Note: We Are Not A Modeling/Talent Agency)

All Models That Desire a Table or Wish To Be Promoted on The models Page

Must Complete this form. Tables Are Free And You Keep All your Proceeds Here ! All We Ask For Is That You Promote This Event To Your Twitter/FB/My Space Pages/Blogs/Websites/Yahoo Groups Ect.

Click on Submit when ready to send.

Asianmodelpalooza™ Festival Model Table Order Form (Tables Are Free But You Must Fill Out This Form)

Please review terms and conditions before registering, by submitting this form you

agree to the terms and conditions of the Asianmodelpalooza Festival.

You have to be over 18 to attend At this club.

Models Registration Information:

This Event Is A Showcase for Models .We Are Not A Modeling/Talent Agency,

All Models Will Receive A Lot Of Publicity With 60+ Websites Covering The Event

,Radio Interviews,Newspaper And Magazine Coverage,and More.

Models That Have A Website Will Receive Thousands Of New Vistors (Usually 2,000-3,000 Unique Visitors A Day) and Your Sites Ranking On The Search Engines Will Improve,

We Post Messages On 250+ Yahoo Groups, 20 Large websites and We Will Also send out 225,000 E Mails Promoting The Event.

Models will Receive one table with two chairs with a Tablecloth with

Two Vip Passes, One for the Model and one guest pass.

Models Should Be At Deja Vu On Main 1800 s. main st  Los Angeles, CA at 7 pm Sat. June 17th 2017

All Models are responsible for their own table displays, banners, decorations, floor displays, power strips, electrical cords, Ect.

Models Are Allowed To Sell Anything They Have Here Including Calendars, Magazines, Dvd’s,Video’s,CD’s, Web Site Subscriptions, Polaroid’s,8 X 10’s, And If They Deem Appropriate Table Dances. YOU CAN MAKE A LOT OF $$$$$ IF YOU CAN DO TABLE DANCES HERE! Models that want to table dance Must Bring A Social Security Card with Them No Exceptions!

Models Are Also Allowed To Collect Any Information at Thier Table And Can Run A Raffle Ect For Prizes.

Models Are Allowed To Use All Promotional Items Such As, Flyers.Cards, Zed Cards, Easel Set Ups, Notebooks showing Your site, Also Promotional Banner Placements, 1 Large Banner Behind Your Table (This Large Banner Should Be Less Than 3 Feet High And Less Than 8 Feet Wide),And Also A Small Banner Which Will Be Placed Behind The Main Stage Area ,(The Stage Banner Should Be Less Than 8 Inches High and less Than 24 Inches Wide), This Banner Will be Put Up Behind The Stage For Extra website Promotion.

E Mail

Also Models Will Be Able To Do Live Radio Interviews On Major Nationally Syndicated & LA Area Radio Stations Before The Event (Models Will Be able To Promote Their Personal Webste Url’s Here On The Air)

Promotional Appearances/Media/Broadcast Interview Line Up:


Promotional Appearances/Media/Broadcast Interview #1

Playboy Radio Channel . LIVE!

Promotional Appearances/Media/Broadcast Interview #2

Radio Interview Date To be Announced Here

Promotional Appearances/Media/Broadcast Interview #3

Listen In Live!

Promotional Appearances/Media/Broadcast Interview #4


Promotional Appearances/Media/Broadcast Interview #5


If You Want To Go Live On The Air ,Please E Mail Us here Thanks

And Also Pre and Post Event Interviews On Major Web Sites.

All Models Please Post A Link To And Announce To Your Fans You will Be Attending This Event. If Only 10 Of Your Fans Attend You Will make a Lot Of Money here, Usually 4 to 5 times more than at any other Event/Expo.

See Bottom Of Page For Promotional Items/Banner Code Ect.

Terms & Conditions Agreement: As a participant in the Asianmodelpalooza Festival, you agree to hold harmless the organizers, sponsors and participants of the Asianmodelpalooza Festival from any claims of loss and/or harm regarding this event. You agree to abide by all standards and rules set forth by the Organizers ( ) of the Event. You further agree to release any and all images of you taken, in whole or in part, at the Asianmodelpalooza Festival and consent to use of images of you, provided by you and /or with your permission to use from public domain sources, for the purpose of promoting and marketing the Asianmodelpalooza Festival and Events Produced By , you understand and accept all rules and claim by attending the event that any and all information provided by you is correct and understand that any false information will jeopardize your eligibility to participate.

You agree And further understand that you are fully responsible for your own cash handling transactions and for the commerce of your own merchandise and displays.

You Keep All Proceeds you Make From Event ,All Tables Are Free But You Must make A reservation Here.You are not permitted to sublease your space. If You Have A friend Have Them Fill Out This Form. You further agree to comply with all local laws, codes and regulations which pertain to the event space.

By Submitting This Form You Agree To The Terms And Conditions Of Event Above. We Reserve The Right To Reject Any submissions For Any Reason Whatsoever.

Picture Guidelines:

Pictures Should be larger than 400 Pixels Across.

Larger Pictures Are Better.

Pictures Should be Front 3/4 length Photos If Possible.

Please send Send Us at Least 6 Pictures.

You Can Upload up to 10 pictures to Us Here.

Just Browse to Your Pictures And Upload

You Can Upload Multiple Pictures at once.

on our Galleries Pages HERE Click!

Please Upload at Least Five pictures ! More is better, If you need to You can Upload extra Pics to The Gallery

These Pics Will Be Used For Promotion

Your Stage Name (required)

Your Email (required)

I am Over 21 Years Of Age.(required)

Upload Your Pictures

I Understand That By Submitting This form I Will Be Attending The Next Asianmodelpalooza Festival And You Have My Full Permission To Use The Pictures Sent/Linked Above On The Website .I Would Like A Table At The Next Asianmodelpalooza™ Festival.

If You Have Any Comments, Questions, Additional
Information .Type It In Here You Can Also Add Additional Picture Urls, FB Pages, Twitter Pages, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Web Cam Pages and Url's, Yahoo Group Url's, Promotional Information Anything else
Ect. Here.

Problems With Form ? Click Here To E Mail Us

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